Company Overview

Founded in 2016, J.M. Arbour is a comprehensive financial planning and investment advisory firm. Headquarted in Hallowell, Maine, J.M. Arbour has satellite offices in Ellsworth, Saco, Portland, Bath, and Waterville.

Services include fee-based investment advisory, insurance, retirement planning, estate planning, voluntary benefits and employer sponsored retirement plans, such as 401(k). It is our pleasure to provide independent financial advice and solutions to individuals and companies here in Maine and nationwide.

Our clients include individuals and families whose net worth’s range across the spectrum; and that is just how we like it. Unlike some other firms, we will never turn a client away because he or she "doesn’t have enough.” Whether you are just getting started or have amassed sizable wealth, we appreciate the opportunity to help you plan the next steps in your financial life.

Our commitment is to you, the client. After all, you are the only reason why we are in business. Please know we take great pride in earning your trust and that we certainly plan to keep it.

At J.M. Arbour, we believe there are three stages to a person’s financial life: accumulation, preservation, and distribution/transition. It is our job to make each of those stages as financially comfortable and understandable as possible. This is accomplished by establishing a relationship, defining the roles in the client-advisor relationship, gathering all data, analyzing the data, creating a plan, implementing the plan, and finally, monitoring the plan with precision.

As life changes, and God knows it will, so may your plans and goals. Having flexibility in your plan is essential; and so is having the right people on your team. That is why the advisors at J.M. Arbour will work with your attorneys, CPAs, insurance agents, and other professionals to ensure your goals are first understood, and then met. It is possible we even exceed your expectations.

In the end, the mission of J.M. Arbour is simple: To deliver high quality financial guidance in a way that is easy to understand and in a way that makes it enjoyable.