At J.M. Arbour, our core beliefs and investment principles are followed precisely as each is a major part of who we are, what we do, and what we represent. Not only do these beliefs and principles govern how we select investments, but they also govern how we monitor each investment, and more important, how we interact with you.

Our core beliefs include:

  • You, our client, are at the center of all we do
  • Our responses to your questions, requests, and needs are to be timely, clear, and precise
  • The planning and investment process should be educational, rewarding, and inspiring
  • The results you experience should align with your stated goals

Our investment principles include:

  • An ongoing investment research process, to both select and monitor investment choices
  • Tactical (active/daily), Strategic, and Dynamic management of your investment portfolio
  • A commitment to transparency of individual holdings and investment results as reported by both robust online capabilities and hard copy statements, all of which can be reviewed in person with your advisor at any time
  • Periodic face to face meetings to maintain roles in the client-advisor relationship, provide updates, monitor plan efficiency, report results, and enhance client experience